A&G Price Ltd has built an impressive reputation as a supplier of high-quality components to exacting military standards. With a worldwide network of customers, AGP has developed and built a range of products for land, air and sea applications.

For the Singapore armed forces, AGP has worked with Singapore Technologies Kinetics (STK) to develop a range of track components for their ‘Bionix” armoured personnel carrier. Special high-tensile alloy steels and special grade ballistic steels were developed for idler wheels, sprocket carriers and backing plates. AGP designers also developed a complex hydraulic articulated steering coupling for the APC’s trailer unit.

For the Australian and New Zealand Defence Forces, AGP manufactured stabilisers, deck machinery, radar cooling modules, heat exchangers and operations room floors for the ‘ANZAC’ frigate project.

A&G Price Ltd has manufactured bomb loader sub-assemblies for the US Air Force, and continues to fabricate missile storage containers for a European customer.

Defence industry awards include Quality Award (Government of Singapore), Award of Excellence (Defence Industry New Zealand), Quality Management Systems (STK) and Quality of Manufacture (ANZAC Ship Project). AGP is an approved supplier to the New Zealand, Australian and Singapore Defence Forces.