Forestry/Pulp & Paper


Forestry/ Pulp & Paper

From the early 1870’s A&G Price has supplied equipment to the forestry industry. Firstly pelton wheels and then steam engines and locomotives were designed and built to power sawmills and move timber around the country. A&G Price developed a new version of the timber jack, which were used to move heavy kauri logs in the dense NZ bush. Prices went on to make over 25,000 timber jacks, making them arguably the first mass-produced item in NZ.

A&G Price now offers state-of-the-art repair and refurbishment service to timber processing plants around NZ. As a registered repairer for Andritz, we refurbish chip feeders for pulp mills in the Bay of Plenty and Australia. We also repair or refurbish chipper discs, band saw wheels and debarkers. Our cast products include picaroons, hogger knives and debarker chain.

Our fitting shop offers on-site maintenance and emergency break-down work on request