A&G Price Ltd has built a long and impressive history in the rail industry. From the earliest days of the company in the late 1870’s, AGP has continued to supply locomotives, wagons, refurbishment services and component manufacture to New Zealand and international customers.

Major projects include:
  • Over 200 steam and diesel locomotives and numerous wagons to NZ Rail.
  • Narrow-gauge brake cars and ore wagons for the phosphate mines of Nauru.
  • Manufacture of 6-tonne, one-piece cast steel six-wheel bogies, and matching bolsters for an Avteq & Southern Short Haul.
  • High-quality cast steel brake components for the Sydney PPP project in Australia. (Downer EDI Rail).
  • Conversion of former NZ Rail ‘Silver Star’ railcars into luxury carriages for the Eastern & Oriental Express from Singapore to Bangkok.
  • Reconditioning of driven and driving wheel sets and gearboxes for Auckland metro line (Kiwirail)
  • Refurbishment of side frames and bolsters for United Rail (NZ).
A&G Price continues to support local vintage rail societies with repair, refurbishment and maintenance.